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Postpartum Planning



Breastfeeding support Education on Newborn Care 

Coping skills & Family Support

Escort family to infant's Doctors appointments, Run errands, light housekeeping and meal prep.

Affirming the mother through the entire process. 

Non-judgemental support Soothing techniques Available Packages

12 hour support to be used in 1 week)

 18 hour support (to be used in 2 weeks)

36 hours support (to be used in 3 weeks) 

Sessions to be used in 3 to 4 hour increments. 

Extra Breastfeeding Support CLC 


I will provide breastfeeding support that will explain the importance of skin to skin, rooming in with baby the first 24hrs to learn your baby's feeding cues, feeding baby on cue (demand), going over how to use and purchase breast pumps, pumping, milk storage and more. I will talk about newborn's first milk (colostrum) and why babies should have it, how to increase and keep your milk supply up. And go over any other breastfeeding issues that may occur.

Last but not least provide an abundance of encouragement for you and your family. 

90 min session (additional fee)
















If further assistance is needed, I will refer you to a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in or close to your area.

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