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Virtual  Childbirth Education Course $250

MetooDoula Childbirth education is a  2  hour course. It will prepare you for the basics of labor and teach you how to advocate for yourself and baby. Additionally, this course will boost your confidence and it will help expand your knowledge and your decision making skills.


Class covers but is not limited to:


Stages of Labor ( early, active, transition, pushing, and placenta )
Signs of Labor ( contractions, water release etc. )
Pain/Sensation Coping strategies ( double hip squeeze etc. )
The role of the partner

How to advocate for your Partner (Questions and concerns) 
What to expect from your birthing location ( Caesarean birth rate etc. )
What to pack and how to prepare

Newborn Procedures 
Pain medications for labor ( Epidural & Wholistic alternatives )
The postpartum ( body changes )

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